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    Baby Thermostrumpfhose, J_:_Single Zylinder, Frottierflausch,großer T baby thermo tights, pack of 1, needles: size 50/56 = 108 needles, size 62/68 - 86/92 = 120 needles, single cylinder, real heel, full terry inside, terry: terry loops must be volu minoues and regular, toe closure: soft and flat ro sso seam, with big comfort gusset, steam forming: knitted line must be straight, yarn : Ne 21/1 S combed cotton, 20/70 elastane/polyamid e, yarn ends inside: not longer than 1cm, polyamide: 70D for size (size mark must be knitted in the middle of the sole and must be completey t o read from one side, size mark height 0,5cm 1/ 1 waistband: soft elastic rim, polyamide inside tone in tone with basic color, gusset: comfort gu sset with flat seams 4 needles, carelabel: woven satin fabric - 100% polyester, co lor white, print black, 7cm from waistband edge, E AN-code no. must be printed on the care label oekotex class 1 (care label must be included in oe kotex certification) oekotex must be printed on the packing unit Ökote

1 Artikel

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