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    Da. Mütze u. Hut_:_Da. Hut, uni, Papierstroh, Schild, spez. T ladies hat paperstraw style same as last order 2056626 color combo 1: white pantone 11-0601 TCX color combo 2: navy 19-4026 TCX color combo 3: beige- sand ,please send us some su ggestions for approval body made of paper straw in orig. quality all seams in dtm. col. special structure (knitted way) as orig. peak made of flat bodyfabric tapes as orig. in sty le + workmanship special shape as orig. woven textile tape inside the hat in bodycolor ! style and material + handfeeling + workmanship as orig. black plastic hook woven satin carelabel - fixed at tape inside the h at

1 Artikel

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